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Welcome to Calla

Main imageCalla was established to confront and disrupt human trafficking in all its forms. Our specific purpose is to combat internal trafficking of children and young people for sexual exploitation.

Calla aims to

  • Raise awareness of the existence of internal human trafficking by working with all forms of the media at local and national level
  • Access and host affordable specific training for all working on the front line
  • Support victims and their families, to see a restoration of dignity and self worth

As a non government agency we believe in a multiple agency approach to tackling this crime.

Our tweets

followcalla BBC News - 25 men charged with child sex offences to face trial in 2016 http://t.co/3lv51urWYF
followcalla HMIC release report into West Mercia Police's child protection work http://t.co/9YfheWbZaV

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